Križ published an open-access article entitled The invisible child: A comparative study of newborn removal judgments from a Child Equality Perspective (CEP) with co-authors Jenny Krutzinna, Tarja Pösö, and Marit Skivenes.

She recently co-authored a report called Mapping and evaluating organizational guidelines. The report evaluates seminal guidelines about children’s participation for frontline child protection practitioners in Norway. It aims to critically assess and provide suggestions for improving guidelines to promote children’s participation in practice. Mapping and evaluating organizational guidelines lays the foundation for developing new management, practice, and training programs. The report is part of a collaborative knowledge project about children’s right to participation in child protection-related processes at the Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism, the University of Bergen, Norway.

Križ is working on another child protection-related project. With her colleague, Daniela Reimer, ZHAW School of Social Work, Institute of Childhood, Youth and Family, Switzerland, Križ examines children’s presence and representations in recent child protection judgments by the European Court of Human Rights.