kriz and Daughter

Katrin Križ is a Professor of Sociology at Emmanuel College and a Professor II with the Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism at the Department of Government, the University of Bergen, Norway. She has published journal articles, chapters, and books on child welfare and education policies and practices. Most of her scholarship is comparative/ international and interdisciplinary, spanning Education, Government, Public Policy, Social Work, and Sociology. She enjoys teaching and advising students and working with student researchers. Her pedagogy is collaborative, compassionate, constructive, and inclusive. At Emmanuel College, she teaches Introduction to Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Family and Gender Roles, Social Class and Inequality, Theories of Society, Senior Seminar, and other courses. She is currently developing a course on Antiracism. She has taught undergraduate and graduate students at the College of the Holy Cross, Tufts University, the University of Virginia, the United Nations University Maastricht, and Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Križ has served as director of Emmanuel College’s honors program, the chair and co-chair of the Sociology department, the chair of the lecturer promotion committee, and the vice-chair of the faculty promotion and tenure committee.

Križ has lived and traveled in several countries: Austria, where she grew up, England, Germany, Nepal, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. Her research is driven by a passion for analyzing how public policies and the street-level bureaucrats implementing them create environments and processes that could help marginalized children and young people empower themselves. Deeply concerned about the rise of authoritarianism, her work highlights social structures fostering educational opportunities and participation in decision-making by children and youth, especially children and young people historically targeted for oppression.

kriz Liberte egalite fraternite